Miraculously, The Triumph has been produced on a shoestring budget. But now, as we continue to release it in theaters all over the world, we are trying to raise funds to effectively promote the film throughout the entire world.

The Triumph conveys a message that needs to be shared with people everywhere, especially people who “do not yet know the love of God.” Never before has a film had such potential to change minds and hearts.


We need your help!

To get this film in front of the people who need to see it most, we need funds for advertising, theater rentals and logistics.  Your help will directly result in this film getting seen by more people. You can donate by sending a check or money order to our address:

Triumphant Films

PO Box 3035

Tequesta, FL 33469 USA

For large donations, you are welcome to contact us and let us know the amount you can provide. We will get back to you with instructions. Every dollar makes a difference. Thank you!